Why Networks Fail

My top reasons…

As companies become more reliant on technology, they also become more exposed to critical errors and failures. It’s hard to believe that the entire concept of computing is based on “1s” and “0s” (or Bits). These on/off switches process millions of times a second to compute some of the most complex problems.

There are infinite reasons why a network could fail, or in most cases operate poorly. The main reasons I come across are easily addressed by the right Information Technology Technicians.

Slow internet performance

Nothing is more frustrating and inefficient as slow internet speeds. There are a number of potential issues that contribute to poor internet performance such as, connection overuse (congestion), deteriorated connections, overloaded ports on a switch or router.

Sharing problems

Ever have a situation come up where you send a document to the printer and you get “Cannot connect to Printer” error? Sometimes these are caused by conflicts in various operating systems, software versions or mixed and conflicting security environments. The fix is auditing your network’s hardware and software and updating everything to be cohesive and current. Bit Performance can continuously monitor and maintain updates so your workstations and network hardware works together.

DNS configuration issues

There are a number of reasons why a computer displays the error “Network Path Cannot Be Found” — to many to actually list here. The most common issues are incorrect router configurations, multiple workstations using the same DNS. In most cases a skilled IT technician can run diagnostics and identify the issue quickly.

Not saving configurations

When network configurations aren’t saved properly and your network server reboots, you lose all of your system settings. Since rebooting can be an automated protocol it’s quite possible that a routine reboot could be the demise of your network server. During routine maintenance, settings should always be updated to avoid such incidents.

Technology and security

Security is continuously evolving as fast as technology itself. What was state-of-the-art 6 months ago may very well be obsolete. Many times, proper testing is traded for speed to market which causes real problems down the road. There is an art to balancing new tech with proper due diligence while not compromising on security and creating vulnerable access points for malicious attacks or network failures. This is where utilizing a technician who is knowledgeable in network security such as your Bit Perfection technician is essential.

Closing thoughts…

As a companys’ information technology requirements increase and become more complex, businesses need to be even more conscious of their Information Technology footprint. By enlisting the expertise of Bit Perfection, you can keep your company ahead of the growth and minimize any potential network failures and focus on what’s important — your business.

Does your network need an overhaul?

Bit Perfection can analyze your needs, and make recommendations for the right subscription and cloud configuration. Let us help you stay focussed on what’s important — your business.