Computer Maintenance

Keeping your computers performing and your employees productive.

Maintaining your computers and ensuring the most up-to-date operating system, programs and anti-virus software is one of the biggest challenges a small company can have. Bit Perfection will oversee and maintain your computers keeping their software current. We offer remote and in person tech support for those day-to-day glitches that can oftentimes derail an entire day’s production. We can quickly troubleshoot and resolve most issues getting you back on track.

Additional Computer Services

  • We support both PC and Mac systems
  • Purchasing, configuring and deployment of computer workstations, laptops and servers
  • New employee set-up and changes to user permissions
  • Workstation maintenance and maintenance scheduling
  • Repairing computer hardware on or off premise
  • Diagnosis and resolution of computer performance issues
  • Installation and updates of software
  • Telephone and remote technical support
  • Relocation of network infrastructure, telephones and computer workstations
  • Printer/scanner installation and configuration
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Hard drive data recovery

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